He’s a charming, fuzzy little guy. Bumble is friendly and social and likes to take his sweet old time lumbering his way through the garden. This buzzing ball of fuzz has a sweet tooth for nectar and looks snazzy in his horizontal stripes.

Andy the AntAndy the Ant

He might look meek, but this body builder can lift over twenty times his own body weight! In addition to weightlifting, Andy also enjoys running and spending time with his enormous family.


Inch has always been interested in math, but he wasn’t always the smartest caterpillar on the leaf. He measured, practiced and studied to become a brilliant math whiz! If he’s not studying, Inch is probably grubbing on some greens in your backyard.


Our sweet friend Luna loves to stay up late at night. She wears a fashionable pale green and feathery antennae. When she’s not hanging around your porch light, she’s probably painting a splendid new work of art.

DJDJ Light

This showy beetle is quite the funky character. He moves to the beat of his own bass line. At night he likes to show off for the ladies with his flashy laser light show. You may also find him snacking on pollen or hanging by the pool.

Folk DaddyOld Folk Daddy

This grizzled musician is from the good ol’ south (your basement that is.) For years this old arachnid has been pickin’ the blues and tappin’ those long legs to the beat. Don’t let his rugged look and long bearded fangs fool you- he’s a friendly old geezer.


This fabulous singer prefers to perform at night. Her camouflage dress allows her to share her pretty song without being seen. If she’s not hanging with her cricket cousin, she’s most likely daintily devouring some green vegetation.

MantisManny the Mantis

This patient old chap is one of the largest insects in Bumble’s garden. He wisely watches the yard with excellent eyesight (thanks to glasses in his old age) and a special rotating head. He’s helpful and pleasant…unless he’s hungry!